The 'Ruby Red' E63

The 'Ruby Red' E63

This post is a rather special post! Chiefly because it’s the 100th post on this blog. I am very excited about it, and I would like to thank my parents, my girl friend, Ricky Cadden aka Symbian Guru, Rita aka Dotsisx, Clinton Jeff aka CJ, Ravindra, Renegade Fanboy, WOMWorld and so many more! Thanks to all of your love and support, I have accomplished this much.

Let me get down to the business at hand, This is the last part of the review of the E63. I have already looked at many aspects of the E63 like design, lighting, software, music, battery, screen. I have also looked at the camera and the accessories that are a part of the E63.

Let’s now see what the e63 is capable of in these aspects…

The web browser found on the E63 has the same web kit that is found in the Apple iPhone, but S60 web browser can play ‘flash’ content within the website.
The S60 web browser is a good and sturdy web browser. This same browser does duty on all S60 phones of Nokia. Though, Eseries gets a slightly tweaked ‘secure’ version as compared to the Nseries or even the regular series. It is the same browser which was doing duty on the E66 and E71. So, there is nothing new to talk about it as I have covered this aspect in great detail here and here. The only thing missing as I have stated many times is the lack of tabbed browsing. I really do not know what has prevented S60 and Nokia from implementing it. I don’t know if other browsers on other platforms offer tabbed browsing or not, I want tabbed browsing and I want it fast!
I have also been using ‘Resco News’, ‘Fring’ and Nokia Messaging (formerly NES), to get information, mail from the internet, and I did not face any problems getting these applications to work seamlessly. The internet radio application has also been reworked a bit, as the different screen orientation created a few issues with the earlier version.

Probably the one thing I did not like about the E63 is the speed it delivers when being used as a modem. With the E71 and the N82, I was getting speeds of 460.8kbps and with the E63 its not more than 115.2kbps. I was disappointed with that as the there was noticeable difference in speeds. The phone also lacks 3G support.

On the whole I would five the E63 an 7.5/10. The E63 losing out on the slow speeds it was giving when used as a modem and absence of tabbed browsing.

screenshot0042Firstly before you get your hopes up, let me categorically tell you, the E63 does not have GPS functionality. If you do want to use GPS, then you must buy the external GPS devices which can connect with the E63 via bluetooth.

This is a rather glaring omission for the E63 considering the global market, but when you consider India, I don’t think many people know that it exists and/or know how to use it also. With India not being fully covered by Navteq, Maps or GPS for that matter becomes useless and an almost redundant feature like the PTT feature which does not work in India at all.

However, I doubt it becoming a deal breaker for potential customers of this device.
I will not be giving any scores for this aspect as it does not exist for the device in question.

The E63 is definitely a new direction that Nokia has taken for Eseries. The E63 which is a ‘cheaper E71’ is very practical and good. The keypad can be a bother to many people because it is cramped and the size of the keys, small. I did not have any problems however. The ‘cost cutting’ carried out for this phone is mind boggling. When compared to the E71, there is a marked difference between the two. But mind you, in terms of fit and finish, both are on par. The E63 with its 3.5mm plug clearly shows its musical intentions and capabilities and mind you, it did not disappoint at all! The camera is lacklustre but I don’t think this phone will be bought for its camera. On the internet and maps front, I don’t need to say anything since oyu have just read about it.

With this comes to end the review of the E63. I hope that the review has given you a good understanding of the phone & its capabilities and at the same time, helped you in deciding for or against buying the device. I will be very happy to know what you think about the review and the phone too. Leave a comment below!