screenshot0018A Merry Christmas to all the readers. I am sorry for having delayed on this post. I have been a little lazy lately. I guess the holiday mood has kicked in for good!

I have already reviewed the following aspects in my previous posts –
, Lighting & Software, music, battery and screen.

In this part of the review I will be concentrating on the camera and accessories.


The camera on the E63 is just a 2 megapixel module. The main reason for putting in a lower resolution camera is only to cut costs. This camera is a very basic camera capable of outputting images of a maximum resolution of 1600*1200. There is no auto focus or any of the other features that you find on any Nokia S60 3rd edition phone. If you have used the Nokia N70 or the E50, you will be well versed with the kind of features you have available on the phone when it comes to the camera. The software to handle the camera on the E63 is the same that you would have seen on the N70 and E50. And may I tell you that software was not very user friendly. If I need to change something, I have to go into options and hunt for the setting, of which there are very few, change it… I cannot change it as quickly as I was able to on the E71 or the E66 for that matter. I was very disappointed by that. The clarity of the camera is also not that great. In daylight it can click good photos, but in a little darkness, the chinks in the E63’s camera become glaringly visible.

The video recording capabilities of the E63 are also poor and I don’t need to tell you why it is so. The video is recorded at 15fps at a maximum resolution of 320*240 (QVGA). But then that’s what you will get with a camera like that. This phone was meant to do DVD like video recording and so I really don’t feel they have done anything terribly wrong here.

Overall I was none too happy about the software implemented on the E63. The fact that it is a 2 megapixel camera is alright, but the software that makes it work is absolutely not acceptable. It is hard to believe but the N81 which is selling at similar prices to what the E63 will sell at, has not only a better camera, but also a better software for it. I wish Nokia changed that software soon, because it is a disaster in today’s day and age. I would give the camera a poor score of 4.5/10. If you are looking for a QWERTY phone with a camera, look elsewhere.

In this department, the E63 is virtually on par with it bigger brethren. The E63 comes with all the accessories you would expect to get with a smartphone. The only thing missing in the box is a leather pouch. The E63 does not have a leather pouch like its bigger sibling the E71 has. But then this is not an E71. The E63 is expected to come with a data cable, a pair of handsfree earphones, a 2GB memory card (Micro SD).

The data cable is the usual Micro USB variety. The handsfree solution though throws out any iota of doubt you have about the E63 being a decent smartphone. It ships with a a cheap pair of earphones, the WH-102. These earphones are the nearly same ones I got with the 1650 which by the way is very cheap (INR 1800 = US $36). The only exception is that the 1650 has a 2.5mm plug v/s the 3.5mm plug the E63’s(the 1650 comes with the WH-101, a 2.5mm pin variant). They are also very uncomfortable as you do not get any cushions with them. This means that they simply keep falling out of the ear. I could not keep a single earphone in my ear for more than 1 minute, its that bad. I did not know Nokia could go so low with the E63. If there was one thing that would make me not want to buy the E63 it would be this, simply because the phone has brilliant audio capabilities and it really sounds very good, better than even the E71! What a pity it is limited by such a poor set of handsfree solution. I would suggest you to toss the WH-102 as soon as you buy the phone and invest in a better set of headphones or earphones.

The phone supports bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP solutions, this means you can pair a stereo bluetooth headset and control it wirelessly. Thank you at least providing that Nokia. In this department, I would give the E63 a rather average score of 6.5/10. The absence of a pouch and a decent handsfree solution lowering its score here. If you are looking to use the music capabilities on this phone it will be worth your money to invest in a good pair of headphones.

The charger with the E63 is not the miniature AC-8 which I am a fan of. Instead it came with a variant of it perhaps, the AC-8X. This charger is huge compared to the AC-8 and doesn’t look as beautiful also.

With this there is only one more aspect of the review left to complete my review of the E63. I shall have that up by tonight.
Please leave your comments and opinions below… I am eager to know what you think of the E63.

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