5800 Xpressmusic

5800 Xpressmusic

Today I went to the Nokia Priority dealership to check out the Nokia 5800. (I want one please Nokia I hope you are listening!) I really liked what the 5800 has to offer. The Nokia Priority Dealer had good sales people at the counter. They were more than happy to let me play with the handset and do anything I wanted with the handset. Plus they were informed. I was impressed.

Let me tell you about the entire experience. I was called about 3-4 times by Nokia about the fact that they had received the handset and I could come in anytime and have a feel of the handset and if I liked it, I could buy it.

To all the people there, if you have registered, I suggest you go and have a look. The 5800 is really a good looking phone.

Nokia India is also offering the 5800 with a little extra goodies to those who have pre-ordered it. I won’t reveal it, because then you will know everything and that would kill the excitement that they trying to drum up. Rest assured, the deal sweetener is really sweet! but it won’t be for long because if you confirm your booking after the 31st, you won’t be eligible for that goodie! I am just INR 10000 short of the price which is INR 21839 only.

I had told you all that it was going to be within INR 22000. I kept my word. I think that the 5800 is really a good phone, if I had the money I would have definitely bought the 5800! (If you are horrified at my plight, please donate freely, contact me, I will provide you with the bank details!)

To all the people who have confirmed the booking, you guys are simply lucky, as there is a new firmware also out for the 5800. Now that’s Christmas Nokia style! Fire up the NSU and connect your phone to the PC and let your phone get some Christmas gifts for itself.

So people go and get yourself a 5800 and ‘Do the Music!”

Merry Christmas to all my readers!