beta-labsAfter the announcement of N97 and a few important services by Nokia, the other arms of Nokia seem to have suddenly been infused with life (they weren’t dead ever!). It’s as if Nokia is going all out, finally awoken from its long slumber. It’s a war of OS now! Nokia seems very likely to vanquish its rivals.

To do just that Nokia Beta Labs is providing it with the fire power. Nokia Beta Labs is a proven developer and tester of Nokia solutions, and consistently provides us (everybody) with some of the best applications, to simplify our life. Beta Labs allows you in a way no other company allows its customers to play with the OS so much. I am a big fan of their applications and would recommend you to add the site to your list of bookmarks.

Recently, there had been little activity on the Beta Labs, but in the past week, they have more than compensated for that dearth of activity by releasing a slew of updates to many beta applications. A lot of the applications have graduated too and are now proper applications and not ‘beta’ versions. In fact, this time around there have been most number of applications graduating than ever, that I can remember.

Here is a list of the applications on Beta Labs. I would strongly recommend you to read what the changes are and check if it is compatible with your phone and the firmware version. If you are a new visitor to the site, I strongly suggest you read what functionality the application gives your phone before installing it.

DO NOT blindly install applications without understanding what it does to your phone.

Now the List,
1. Mobile Web Server
2. Conversation
3. Nokia Audiobooks
4. Nokia Step Counter
5. Mail on Ovi

the last two are new applications by Nokia…
6. Nokia Image Exchange
Clinton Jeff, on my behalf has given a small intro about it, here.
7. Nokia Handwriting Calculator

I hope you enjoy the functionality it brings to your phone. Feel free to give them feedback about the applications. Nokia Beta Labs wants you to give them feedback, since this will help them understand whether this application is actually worth productizing.