Nokia BetaLabs saw a whole bunch of applications introduced, graduate and archived this week. Its definitely been a busy week for them.

First up, a new application, called Nokia Image Exchange was announced and released. You can check it out on the Nokia Image Exchange Website.


Nokia Image Exchange is an experimental imaging service to make browsing and sharing images fun and easy. It aims to provide a seamless integration of a mobile image gallery and a corresponding web-service.

Image Exchange explores user experience when the mobile phone is enabled with an always-on data connection and utilizes existing contact information as a basis for social networking.

You can read more about it on the post at Nokia betalabs.

Next up, Nokia Email graduated and was released as Nokia Messaging. Its basically an updated version of the application formerly known as Nokia Email. You can signup for the service and download the application at the Nokia Messaging website.


This update brings the following improvements :

* Improved application performance, including rapid access to the Inbox
* Support for up to 10 email addresses
* Better support for subfolders in IMAP email accounts
* Flagged messages automatically become starred messages in Gmail
* Improved battery life
* More intuitive inbox navigation
* Support for more Nokia S60 phones
* Support for Google Apps hosted email addresses
* Mail sent from any email address on your phone now syncs to the server

Read more on the Nokia BetaLabs post.

If that wasnt enough, Nokia Betalabs also posted that Nokia communication center also graduated and will now be integrated and part of Nokia PC Suite.

And the last bit of news, is that Enhanced Calculator for S60 got its final update and is now being archived.


As said in the beginning, this has been a part-time innovation project by one of our software engineers, Jarmo Lahtinen, and by now, the beta trial has served its purpose. We learned that it really makes sense to update the built-in S60 calculator, and that you liked the one ported by Jarmo – but also that it wasn’t feasible to productize as such. Instead, we have now initiated a proper R&D project that should result in an improved built-in calculator for future Nokia devices. In the meanwhile, feel free to use the current one that we left it available in Beta Labs Archive “as is”.

Yup, a pretty busy last couple of days for the Nokia BetaLabs team. Still, kudos to them for pushing out these updates so often ! Great going guys !

Clinton Jeff