e63 keypadWith the 1st part of the review over, Let me move on to another aspect of the E63, one which is a very important one, Lighting.

Now this is an Eseries phone which look pretty similar to the E71, its elder sibling. For a layman, the E63 would be a plastic clad E71. This is something even I expected, that the E63 was a toned down version of the E71 (not that it isn’t). I thought that the E63 was the same as the E71 on most hardware and software aspects. It turns out that I was wrong, the E63 is a completely different device.

The screen is well lit and is the same as the E71. There were no problems on that front, Just like in the E71, here too, I have the ‘Light sensor’ set a notch below full, mainly because the amount of light is sufficient. I have no problems in terms of backlighting, The E63 performs as capably as the E71 in this area. Full 10/10 on this aspect to the E63.

Notification Light:
The E63’s notification light is similar to the E66 and the E71’s notification light and it can be configured according to the user’s needs. The light does not flash every 10 seconds like it used to in the E66 and E71 when the phone was in idle mode. It however does blink every 2 seconds when there is an event (missed call, message, email, MMS). The light is not soft, it has definitely been made brighter that the E71’s notification light. The E63’s notification light rests within the D-pad just like in the E66 and E71. The design of the innards is also the same as it was in the E66. Just as the E71’s design did not allow the neigbouring buttons to benefit from the notification light, the E63 does the same. I would give the E63 a 8.7/10 in this aspect. It loses out on mainly because, there is no notification light when the phone is idle.

Keypad Lighting:
The E63 which is every bit a younger sibling of the E71, falls a little short of expectations here. One would have expected similar standards in keypad lighting, but unfortunately, that is not the case. The keypad lights are a soft white colour. While all the keys were evenly lit, I could not help help notice the fact that the D-pad is dimly lit as compared to the other keys on the handset, the same is the case with the key ‘T’. Now it is a rather small thing, but it caught my attention early on, and although, I did not find any problems as such, it definitely did not go out of my head. A new user of this device, is sure to be a little irritated about it. I hope that it can be addressed in some way. Barring that, every key is wonderfully lit and is very much legible in the dark just like the E71. A very strong 8.9/10 in this aspect for the E63. A positive for the E63 here is that unlike in the E71, where some of the light was escaping through crevice between the ‘space bar’ and the lower lip of the phone, there is no such occurrence.

The bar was set too high by the previous Eseries devices and it was a going to be as tough for the E63. It has performed well, considering the segment it is aimed at, but in front of the E71, it performs marginally lower.

I am not posting a video of the notification light, since it is exactly similar to the video I made for the E71’s review The only difference is that the notification light in the E63 is brighter when blinking.

Stay tuned for the remaining parts of the review.