tnkgrl’s recent post, on what Nokia can do for the Nseries to make it even better, got me thinking.

While tnkgrl‘s post concentrates on what Nokia can do for the Nseries to make it a more dominant player in the cellphone industry. I was thinking in a different direction.

Let me list it down as points…

1. Nokia should integrate all its various sites, this means MOSH, Nokia discussions, My Nokia should be integrated onto one website.

2. Links to S60 website where one can become an S60 ambassador should be displayed on that person’s personalized webpage. This means if he is a member on, a small widget should be there allowing him to sign in from there itself.

3. Links to Ovi must also be there on that personalized webpage, a similar widget can be used.

4. Please make one common sign in id for Ovi (Nokia has started doing that)

5. N-Gage can also be integrated in that manner.

6. Ovi and N-Gage, Forum Nokia should not be be given a common user id but should be accessible through widgets once a user has signed into the proposed Nokia webpage.

What will this do? Well for one it will ensure maximum participation of Nokia users for its various services. One user id also means that since everything is centralized, the user will not have to worry about signing into various services, which can put off people and cause dis-satisfaction. Google uses a similar philosophy, No reason why Nokia cannot emulate this feature. It also mean that the users will become a close knit community. Nokia will also be able to understand customer needs better and respond to them more efficiently. Users will also be able to access information faster and more efficiently.

Imagine how customer friendly you can get Nokia? If your motto is ‘Connecting People’ wouldn’t this reaffirm that? The advantages I am listing out are but a few. As an organization, you will be more agile and responsive your costs could also come down, the workload on the External Communication department, could also reduce, giving them time to do what is most important, ‘listening to us!’

It would also help us bloggers tap the pulse of the company and the users of its products. On a more practical level, it will reduce the number of pages we have to open to sign in to various Nokia sites. As customers, I want maximum usability with the least amount of input. I am not wrong in my view, am I, considering that’s the same philosophy that companies around the world adopt to be alive for perpetuity.

I invite your, my reader to comment on what do you think? How else it could benefit you and Nokia?

Leave your opinions, suggestions, criticisms as comments below. I really would like to hear what you have to say.