Micro SDHC cards I have been looking to write this piece for about a week now, but wasn’t able to do so for various reasons.

For the past many months I have been looking to upgrade my N82 memory card from 4GB to 8GB. I had bought the 4GB (Class 6) card from the shop I picked up the N82 for a paltry Rs.550 only, that’s about US $11. 6 months ago that was really cheap, considering that there were shops selling the same Micro SDHC card for at least a grand or more.

A few months down the line, 4GB became too little. It was good, but not good enough, since I was clicking about 100 photos every month, there was a need for a bigger card so that I could record videos and audio clips also and not have to worry about space.

Ricky a.k.a the Symbian-Guru around the same time wrote an interesting piece on the various Micro SDHC cards, the classes and how much of a difference it makes by having a bigger card. He pointed out that, the Sandisk 8GB (Class 4) card which he had bought was noticeably slower than his current 6GB card which was a Class 6.[I suggest you read the post by Ricky, it will really help you in understanding what this ‘class’ business is all about, if you are in a hurry then here’s a quick guide, Class 4 means the min. speed at which data is written on the card, in this case it is supposed to be 4MB/s, so a Class 6 would be 6MB/s]

I got searching for an 8GB nonetheless, since I really needed the extra space, and changing cards, would not help, since I could have easily lost the spare card. I found quite a few retailers on Amazon, selling the 8GB Sandisk Micro SDHC, but they were all Class 2, yuck!. Finally, at Newegg there was a retailer selling a Class 4 8GB Micro SDHC card. I was elated and was feverishly making arrangements to get it here.

Then sometime back, I found Croma was selling 16GB micro SDHC cards for about Rs. 3600 (US $72), curious I asked if they had an 8GB variant, as the 16GB was way too expensive for me. To my surprise they had 1 piece left. An 8GB Micro SDHC Class 6 card for Rs.1499 (US $29.98). Immediately, Croma was relieved of it and the card, taken into my custody. Now for quite sometime, I have been using this card, and I am absolutely happy. The card comes with a super sexy card reader too.

So if you are in India and looking to upgrade the memory in your phone from the 2GB that you have, you know where to go.