Hello everyone.
I have a real pressure situation this week. For this entire week, I have a whole lot of assignments piled up for submission. These are very important and big assignments. As a result I will find it very difficult to post any news on whats happening in the mobile world.

But fret not!, I have a friend and a fellow blogger, Clinton Jeff aka Cj, filling in for me. This entire week almost all the articles that you see will be authored by him. I might be able to chip in a little but mostly its a no, as things stand right now. Cj is an accomplished blogger and has been running his own blog on the same subject matter as I am. He’s been in the thick of thing for longer than even I have. I suggest you to check his blog too. I do it almost everyday!

@ Cj
Thanks a lot for doing this for me and helping out. It’s an honour to have you write on my blog.