If you are a FPS lover, then this is for you. An Australian website, has posted some great info about getting Quake # game on your phone. Shocked!, don’t be! Its possible, all thanks to Texas Instruments’ OMAP 2420 chipset.

Decoder, the website in question has posted an amazing screenshot of the game being played on a phone. It has given some lowdown on which handsets will be able to support the game. The developer has apparently provided bluetooth mouse and keyboard support too.

But whats best is that, it has posted the instructions on how install the game onto your phone. If you like the game and absolutely want to play it on your phone (and show off!!! :P) head on over to the website and check the instructions!

The interesting thing to this, is the fact that Nokia has developed the n-Gage platform for gaming, but if one could port these games to play on phones, what would happen to the gaming platform???

Let me know, especially since I am an S60 Ambassador participating in the N-Gage Reset Generation Campaign! If you want to be a part of this campaign or any S60 campaign in the future and are a lover of the S60 platform, this is a good opportunity, hit this link to sign up for the program.