In recent developments within the dynamic mobile phone industry, Nokia has decided to quit the Japanese market. From now on Nokia will not be selling or marketing any of its products in Japan.

Nokia through its sales in Japan adds 1% to the global pie it sits on. This means that of the total 40% market share, Japan contributes only 1%. Nokia vice president Timo Ihamuotila had this to say about the pullout from Japan, “We have judged that we cannot continue to invest in product development just for Japan amid the current tough economic conditions.”

This is a surprising bit of development, considering that Nokia was planning to enter Japan’s market as a carrier! It was reported a few days ago, that Nokia was taking the MVNO route to start services in Japan by using NTT DoCoMo’s network. It is also surprising that Nokia who is considered to be the biggest user of the S60 platform is moving out, since quite a few devices sold there are having the S60 platform.

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