A member at Mobile-review forums, Mirrorofsorrow has managed to post some real kick ass photos of the unreleased E75! The phone is compared to the ‘tube’ i.e. 5800 Xpressmusic. A look at the photos will show you how the phone looks and give a rough idea about the dimensions.

I think its high time, Nokia started to move about in terms of the handset designs. From bars, it is slowly moving into clamshells, sliders, touchscreens, and this now. Looking at it I’m reminded of the baby communicator(9300) that was sold before the communicator (9500) came into the markets. This phone also looks to be something like that; a phone for someone who wants a bigger keys than what the E71 or E63 offer yet not something as bulky as the E90. I hope that it is positioned in between the E71 and the E90.

Some specs for the E75 that I could get hold of:
A 2.4 inch screen, 3.2mega pixel camera with single LED flash, WiFi.

What do you think? Do you have some lowdown on the E75?