The native application on S60, which allows one to send SMS, MMS and so on, is a good one. It needs too many clicks, but is no doubt a good robust application. I have just one grouse, Why can I not send a message to someone in my contact list on all of his numbers?

Let me explain, If somebody in your contacts list has two or more numbers on which a message can be sent, and you need to message him about something, but you don’t know which number will he check or which number will be working (network connectivity). In order to send the message to those numbers you need to choose all his numbers in the same way you would choose multiple recipients. My question is why can’t I select all the numbers of that particular person in one shot? Why must I go to the contacts list everytime to select his name and then his other number?

Would it not be ‘smarter’ if I could select all the required numbers of a particular person in one go, just in the same way that we select multiple objects in S60, i.e. by pressing the ‘#’ key. This would definitely reduce the amount of clicks needed to get to that contact and and then selct the other number. While there are a few 3rd party applications that allow a work around in an indirect manner, it is not enough for all the contacts.

I don’t think any OS allows this find of functionality, if S60 implements it, this would be a first in the OS arena. This functionality would completely set S60 apart from the other ‘robotic’ OSes (no pun intended). It would also drive home the tagline Nokia has, “Connecting People” to technology and other people.

What are your views on this idea, Do you have anything similar that can be implemented within S60 which would take S60 to another level. Leave your views/comments.