How many of you readers have a 5700, 6220, etc? and how many of you have a Nseries or Eseries device?

I just was wondering what is the use of having non Nseries/Eseries phones in Nokia’s product portfolio. Everyone knows the Nseries is all about the camera, gaming, internet and music; The Eseries is all about mails, internet and security. Both of them meant for a distinct set of users. So where do the 5700, 5800, 6220 fit in? How does the Xpressmusic line differentiate itself from the Nseries or an Eseries?

When the Nseries offers superior camera & audio experience, why does Nokia need a S60 device in the 5 and 6 series? The S60 enabled Xpressmusic phones are supposed to be a bit cheaper than the Nseries. But with the differentiation between them blurring, its hard to understand why one should not buy a Nseries and buy 5 or 6 series phone instead. The 6220 comes with a 5 megapixel camera and Xenon flash, just like the N82. The audio experience on a S60 enabled Xpressmusic phone is almost the same as one finds on a N81.

With the 5800, Nokia has introduced a touchscreen based S60. Nokia’s Nseries hasn’t got the first touch S60 device! it is the Xpressmusic. Why? I have no answer to that! I’m not complaining here. All I am doing is ask a few questions. Could these series not be converted to S40 devices only?

What do you think is the logic behind having non Nseries and Eseries phones? Leave your comments and start a conversation!