Picture courtesy of www.symbian-freak.com

Picture courtesy of http://www.symbian-freak.com

One of my favourite softwares for chatting, ‘Fring’ might soon become and ad supported application. Currently, the application is free and in order to keep it free for the times to come, Fring is switching to an advertisement financed model. The development team also will be able to develop the application with this model in application, as they will be recovering the development costs.

Symbian-Freak gives you the complete low down on the change. So what does it mean for average users who have only EDGE and GPRS connections? Heck, what about anyone who has a limited data plan?
Won’t these users get fed up of the ads, which slow their internet connection on the phone. Also is it fair, for anyone using this application to pay for the additional data transmission due to this application?

I certainly think not! I understand Fring’s predicament too, but is there no other way? The ads would be a little irritating, I feel. Imagine it will be like those pesky ads on Yahoo! messenger and MSN messenger. I still hate them. So much so that I am using a software by the name of “Digsby”. This is a much better software and is light on the system requirements.

Will Fring go through a similar fate? I hope not. I think it is a good software and the people at Fringland should really think this through.

What do you, the reader think? Do you use Fring? have you had any ads popping on your application? Leave your comments below.