Ever since I got this game, “ONE” I have been playing it whenever I get time. In the lectures, bathroom (ok I made this one up!), my room, everywhere.

The game which is available only as a demo, when you download a trial version, is simply superb. N-Gage people have listened to what many people had to say about the duration of N-Gage game trials. This game allows you to play “versus” mode in the trial, where you face a limited number of opponents in three locations around the world. In this trial more you can play an unlimited number of times. Within this mode you can set the difficulty, the number of rounds and the duration of the rounds.

I have been playing in this more for about 2 weeks, and I must say this is a fantastic game. I was wishing that I could get it soon and my wish it seems was answered.

Last month N-Gage India had a promotional activity to get more people to register at the N-Gage website. The offer, was to register yourself at the N-Gage website, create your username and then either mail it, or SMS it to them. In lieu, N-Gage India, was giving a free activation code for a game. I got mine after a slight delay, but nevertheless got it. It was for the game “ONE”, hooray!

I quickly went about trying to activate it. But I just couldn’t. The game would not activate, inspite of trying so many times. Every time I would get an error message. I had tried everything. I was beginning to get very upset. I went over to the forum and I found someone facing a similar problem with the game.

It is a weird problem, I had got an activation code for the game “Reset Generation” in relation to a S60 Campaign (S60 Ambassadors only, Click here to become one!) and I was able to activate the game through my phone’s data connection (EDGE) but “ONE” refused to activate in the same manner. This fellow in the forum also could not activate the game ovr his phone’s data connection. Finally he had been successful by trying to activate it by using the WiFi connection. Yesterday, I tried doing the same, and what do you know! The game got activated.

Now that I had a full version of another game “ONE”. This game is totally different once you have the full version. There are host of options that I did not know existed. There is an option of customizing the looks of your fighter, choosing one (male or female), creating a new fighter, changing his fhgiting style, celebration style.

The full version allows you to play in a story mode and a survivor mode. All those points your fighter accumulated will really help yo now, in the story mode. Because by now, you have had considerable amount of training (btw there is also a training mode). all of this in a phone! Every level you move ahead towards becoming the ‘one’, you unlock various things. This game is definitely not boring! I think it has a lot of playability. I’m sure everyone likes fighting once in a while!

The graphics are very good for a mobile phone game! Excellent if you ask me. I really have taken to this game. I wonder why the S60 campaign for N-Gage did not use this game, instead of “Reset Generation”. I agree that it is a fun game. But this “ONE” (pun intended) would have been a way better choice.

At USD $7.99, its just a little bit high ( just 99 cents) but I would not mind paying that little bit extra.(Did I just say that!) Well for the price, what you get is a game which will keep you engrossed for a lot of time, and the graphics are worth it. Another suggestion which N-Gage has paid attention to. One more suggestion N-Gage, could you please allow us to view the pricing in our currency, it would really be helpful. Just a few things that I did not like about the game, no support for landscape mode in the N82 and also its energy habits, this game is a battery drainer!

So what is my take on “ONE”, I say that if you have an N-Gage compatible device, get this game. You won’t regret it at all. Well it’s time for me to face Anuj in Jamshedpur’s old chemical factory.

To promote this game N-Gage have organized an online tournament “ONE Tournament”, to see who is the one (visit the site to see the prizes). Currently there is an investigation going on with regard to some unfair means being used to increase points. So I really don’t know the status of the tournament. The site has this to say,

TOURNAMENT UPDATE: Due to some recent issues raised about the ability to unfairly increase the ELO score for this tournament, Team N-Gage has decided to conduct some further investigation, and then we’ll update you shortly about any changes to the tournament rules. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we at N-Gage strive to make sure all events are as fair as possible, and would rather change and/or cancel a tournament than risk having unfair competitions.

I hope it gets resolved soon. Until then keep perfecting that kick!