I know I should put this post a long time back. But I was being lazy and postponing this post. Until CJ a fellow blogger and a friend, put up a post on getting a Mapster, Maptor. Damn you beat me to it!

WOM World sent me a wonderful collectible too a long time back (when I got the E71 and BH-903 for review), a Mapster figure, Kiano, from the Mapsters Campaign.

In his post, CJ also has informed about the Mapsters site. I will just quote him here, since its pretty much what I want to say too…

The Mapsters site actually has to do with Nokia Maps and its implementation, but its a fun way of introducing people to Nokia Maps. The interactive website allows you to take control one of the three Mapster creatures and create a Nokia Maps version of Paris, Tokyo or London which you can basically mess around with, using your Mapster. There’s tons of info and downloads about Nokia Maps 2.0 and a lot of fun visuals. The site’s been up for a while now, but its definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already !

Click here to check out the Mapsters website and here to download Maps application for your phone.

My “action figure” is Kiano, the green rabbit, you see in the website. Now that CJ has Maptor, I’ve got Kiano, I wonder who has 2.0?