How many of you people are MAC users and use a Nokia S60 3rd edition device?
I’m sure there are quite a few. Well today I got an interesting comment/request for fixing an issue with a software called ‘Movino’. I’m not a programmer, so I can’t fix the issue (sorry deb).

I did visit the website to see what this software was all about. Well most of you MAC users will like it. This software basically allow you to use your phone as a bluetooth webcam on your MACs and best of all its free and open source. It also allows you to broadcast a video from your phone through a 3G or WiFi connection live on your website. Their philosophy section has this to say

These applications are available as open source (part GPL, part LGPL licensed). They were originally developed as a course project at Åbo Akademi University. Please do not expect them to automagically grow much beyond their current state, as our primary goals are met at this point and we have limited resources to spend.

I really suggest you to go through the ‘FAQ’ section first. This is specifically for Windows users. This seems like a software for MAC users only! well at least almost totally.

Any of you who can try it out, do try it out and tell me how it worked out for you. Please support the developers, It really seems like a great concept for MAC users.