The E63 in the two colours

The E63 in the two colours

A few weeks ago, I had posted about the E63 being spotted in the wild. Today the E63 has been launched.
A toned down version of the E71 in the looks aspect. it has a few things even the E71 did not. For starters, Nokia has incorporated a torch (LED) and has also given a 3.5mm plugin for the headset, both a first for Nokia in the E series!

The E63 builds upon the success created by the E71. Soren Petersen, Senior Vice President, Nokia had this to say about the latest E series device, “The Nokia E63 is a new proposition for Eseries – a messaging device where people will be just as involved in their social network as they are in their business network.” In addition to that Soren Peterson also gave the reason for a device of this kind, “Our research shows that people want a device that deals with both their personal and professional lives, but helps them to separate the two. When someone sits down at lunch, they want to update their social network or browse their personal email account and they don’t want work getting in the way of that. It’s another great case of technology adapting to the people that use it.”

In addition to the standard E series features, it also includes ‘Files on Ovi’, a service where people can get remote access to their PC files even when their computer is offline. Anyone buying the handset will have access to 1GB of online file storage for free. This was stated at the time of launch.

The phone will be available in two colours, red and blue (ruby red, ultramarine blue). Hopefully carriers in your country will pick up this phone in colours of their choice. So there might just be a T-Mobile colour E63 or an Orange one. This part I’m just saying and I could be completely wrong the carrier colour front. however the ruby red and ultramarine blue have been confirmed for the E63.

The phone is expected to cost about EUR 199 before taxes and subsidies are added to the actual price. I hope the phone comes soon to India. It’d be good to trial the E63. If you look closely at the Nokia 1200 phone and the E63 you will realize that the E63 has very similar design cues. There are many elements which bear a striking similarity to the cheap Nokia. After using such high quality materials, I am wondering how the people will react to this phone. In many ways this looks like a mass market phone. Lets see how this E71 downgrade fares in the market.