I don’t know if you have heard of Aikon Lab or not. This is a new start-up which is currently testing two of the most innovative applications for the S60 3rd edition devices. The site which has been started by Samir, is a very well known member over at Symbian-freak.

These apps are one of the most eagerly awaited applications in Symbian sphere. I, along with many have been eagerly waiting the opening of the website for quite some time. Finally it has opened (I’m kinda late in reporting this, as I’ve been tied up with assignments and a pathetic internet connection.).

So all you people who are wondering what’s the hype about, read this, there is another software ‘Handwave’ which is completely revolutionary. It is going to really change the way one interacts with a phone. Samir hasn’t posted that software yet for beta testing. But stay tuned (add him to your favourites/ bookmarks) to his site. He will be adding the ‘Handwave’ application soon.

Try it out!
NOTE: The applications need to be signed by you. If you donate, then Samir will send you a signed version of the software for you to try out. Please donate for an application like this and help in the development of the S60 platform.