This is the last part of my review of the Nokia E71. In my previous posts I have concentrated on the various aspects of the E71 like design, lighting, software, music, battery life, screen orientation, camera and accessories. In this last post I will tell you about my thoughts on the E71 with regards to the Internet and Maps feature.

This feature of the E71 is most important since it is aiming to be a Blackberry killer (and a sexy one at that!). Connecting to the the web is a beautiful experience. I had no problems staying connected to the Internet during my trip to Rajasthan. The handset smoothly made the transition to GPRS in the absence of EDGE and reverted back when EDGE was available. I used the WiFi feature a bit. But since I was using the GPRS feature (still am at the time of writing this post) I really did not get to experience surfing through WiFi that much. Rest assured the speeds on EDGE were comparable to the speeds I would have got had I used the WiFi connection. I downloaded close to 300MB of music onto my phone through GPRS. The downloads were fast and i had no problems saving it. On the whole I must have downloaded close to 1GB of data (surfing, music, data, etc). That’s quite a lot. It was really great to have an ‘always on’ internet experience on the E71. Chatting through ‘fring’ was simple. I also downloaded and installed Opera Mini. I found that using Opera was slightly faster, though it responded slowly (typical of Java programs). I have not had so much fun using the internet on the phone. The landscape orientation with the ‘qwerty’ keyboard really helped things and turned it into a ‘mini -netbook’.

Coupled with the beta stage, Nokia Email Service (NES) I was getting all my e-mail pushed to my device, I was truly mobile. I wasn’t using my laptop for checking my mails and browsing the net. It was only for certain data intensive applications and blogging that I used the laptop. So what does this mean for the average user? it means that for your everyday surfing and checking your emails, the E71 is more than enough. As it is you can edit Office documents and view PDF files. You don’t need to buy a Blackberry for the ‘push’ email function. Heck you really don’t need a netbook also. the E71 comfortable achieves what a netbook can.

The only few problems with the whole Internet experience is the total lack of tabbed browsing. I have kept on saying this in so many of my earlier posts. Nokia must get tabbed browsing to its web browser. If it doesn’t, the whole ‘web’ experience will be lost. I was also unable to play Youtube videos. I wonder what went wrong there???

Other than that its a fantastic experience using the E71 for my daily internet needs. I will give the E71 a good 9/10.

This is the first time where I haven’t used the Maps feature on the phone. Why? Simple, the amount of cities covered by Nokia is so little, I had no use for the application. I hope that Nokia is planning to add more Indian cities and soon. Tourist cities like Jodhpur, Udaipur and so on need to be included quickly into the India map. Once it is done, I am sure you will find a lot of usage for the service. Imagine the Chinese tourist will not need to ask for directions to the City Palace, Udaipur; Instead he will simply whip out his ‘Maps’ enabled device and go there. The usage can grow manifold, if Nokia can only realize that such applications need extensive coverage in terms of maps. With the current cities covered in India, so low. You got a useless application.

Still I am assuming that the service would have worked just as good as the E66. I would give the Maps feature a 8.9/10 on the basis that it performs just as well as the E66 performed. If anybody finds any discrepancy in usage, please let me know.

With this comes to end the my review of the E71. On the whole I have enjoyed using this device. It really is a fantastic phone. This phone is a boon for frequent users of the net, e-mail and messaging function. I would definitely recommend this phone to people who need these features a lot. Sure there are some chinks, but I am sure most of the people looking at this phone will overlook the chinks. Nokia sure has a true winner on its hands. Personally, I like the E66, though after two weeks of usage, I am liking this phone for all its looks and functionality. What are your views? Please put in your comments and let everyone know.