Taken with the E71

Taken with the E71

In the first part of my review of the E71, I talked about the design aspect of the phone. In the second part it was the lighting aspect of the E71. In the third part, I concentrated on the software, music and battery life and screen orientation of the handset. Let us see how it performs when it comes to the camera and accessories.

With the E66 setting very good marks in this camera department, I was expecting similar performance from the E71, and guess what!?! It was a revelation. The E71’s camera is pathetic. Well firstly, the camera application on the E71 is similar to the E66. One will find all the usual settings in the phone. Let me list it down…
1 ) Switch to camera/video mode.
2 ) Scene Modes> Auto, User Defined, Close-up mode, Portrait, Landscape, Night, Night portrait.
3 ) Flash Mode> Automatic, On, Red-eye, Off.
4 ) Self Timer> Off, 2 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds.
5 ) Switch to Sequence mode
6 ) Colour Tone> Normal, Sepia, Black & white, Negative.
7 ) Switch to view-finder grid.
8 ) White Balance> Automatic, Sunny, Incandescent, Fluorescent.
9 ) Exposure Compensation> every 3 notches from -2 to 2.

The E71 possesses a 3.2 megapixel CMOS sensor with auto focus. And just like the E66, no Carl Zeiss. So what is so bad about the E71 camera. Remember I told you that there was a purple hue in the center of the E66’s pictures, in the E71 its there all across the image, its more pronounced at the edges. Photos taken with the E71 seem sharper in the phone. Put it on the computer and all of the sharpness vanishes. My N70 was way better than this camera. Unfortunately the E71’s camera is a complete letdown. In a well lit room also, it could not click photos properly. I used the colour tone just to see if they were good and would you believe it, the sepia tone… is not sepia at all. It just gave a slight brown colour to the image and retained all the colours of the image. Sepia tint means that the entire image is in shades of brown. The E71 did not do any of that. Playing around with the E71’s camera settings in order to get the right colours did not give me desired results, there was too much orange when the image was in Landscape mode, was too exposed too look good, etc. The flash was a so a big letdown. It was very weak! BTW the camera focuses only when you press the ‘T’ button. I honestly wish a dedicated camera button was present for this phone.

I am very disappointed with the E71’s camera. It is a waste to have a 3.2MP camera if it the results are going to be worse than the N70. If users are looking for a good camera in the E71, they are going to be very disappointed. I urge you to see the images clicked side by side a N82 and judge for yourself. Geo-tagging is also not there. It wasn’t present in the E66 also. I hope that it will be implemented in the next firmware update. Video recording is at 15fps in QVGA mode. Don’t expect miracles from it either. It took a good 5-6 seconds after I pressed the record button for the E71 to actually start recording.
I will give the E71 a poor 4/10 for the camera solution.

The phone came with the standard list of accessories that any smartphone comes with.
1 ) Data Cable.
2 ) Charger.
3 ) Memory card (Micro SD).
4 ) PC Suite (Eseries).
5 ) Headset.
6 ) Pouch.

The data cable is regular Micro USB affair (CA-101). There were no problems using the data cable and data transmission was fast. The charger (AC-5E) is the same one that was used by the E66. I really am a big fan of the size of this charger. I love it. I wish we get to see this charger being used in the N series devices also. The headset is black in colour and is of the same type that does duty with the E66. The black colour with plastic inserts for buttons really looks good. In white, it just seemed out of place. I just wish E71 did not have a 2.5mm headset plug.

I paired the BH-903 (big review and comparison with the Jabra BT3030 coming in the next few hours!) and it paired quickly, no hassles and worries. The AVRCP profile is present in the phone and allows one to change tracks, pause, rewind, etc. It worked like charm here. I must say the E71’s music output coupled with the BH-903 makes it a good replacement for some music during stressed periods and after work, even during the workout at the gym!

The pouch is black in colour, the material used on the outside is leather but its finish is different from the white pouch of the E66. I am confused as to which one look better. I am very happy that a pouch is a part of the standard package. Such high quality phones need pouches and if a good one is provided in the box, its great.

Overall the E71 gets a good 8.5/10. The music output is great and with the AVRCP profile working…. listening to music is simple. I just wish there was a 3.5mm plug instead of a 2.5mm one. The accessories provided are also of a high quality and are great to get the job done. Now if they were to only develop some more accessories for the E series.

Click here (Clicking will open a new window or tab as the case maybe, to http://www.ovi.com) to view the photos clicked by the E71 and the N82 which gave more realistic images. You will find two sets of the subject, the first one is clicked with the E71 and the next one is clicked with the N82.