Well now that my exams are over (they went well!). I can get back to something very important. Publishing my first impressions on both the devices. I received the E71 and BH-903 from WOM World on the 20th of this month and the package was huge!

On opening the the package I was greeted with three boxes, A Nokia Mapsters toy which is not for trialling (Kiano) and the E71 and BH-903.

The Eseries device had the similar packaging as the E66 which I had reviewed earlier. Upon opening the box there it was! the E71 in all its glory. The battery which is definitely bigger than the E66’s battery was under the handset. I clicked many photos of the E71 during unboxing it.

Now this device the E71, it looks absolutely awesome. This is what a phone should look like. I tried to draw parallels with the E66, but couldn’t (I take back my earlier words). This device simply is in a league of its own. What a phone! I remember just looking at it for quite sometime, amazed fascinated by its looks. It looked every bit like a work of art, simply magnificent. The dimensions of the device, the finish, the keypad, the buttons, the materials… they all seemed in perfect harmony. The fit and finish of this device is superb.

This phone has excellent lines and the fit and finish of this phone is also of a high order. As I said earlier, This is what a phone should look like. Upon holding the device I immediately felt that. I urge Nokia to make more device that exude this feeling. A little suggestion to Nokia, Please equip your Eseries sales people in the store to have a couple of these devices (not dummies) to be shown to the customers, I am sure they will buy it by just holding it.

The next box was the BH-903. When I saw the pendant design stereo bluetooth device, I thought what a big pendant. The pendant’s design and looks made me feel this is going to be a heavy thing to wear. Firstly I must say the packaging is very good. Upon removing the device from the package I saw the BH-903 in all its glory. The BH-903 looks very much like the Nseries devices. The materials used are similar to the Nseries phones. When I first held the device, I was surprised, this pendant was so light, it could not have weighed more than 25-30gms. The neck strap’s materials clearly seemed to suggest that it is meant for people who live very active lives.

Over the course of two weeks I am definitely going to be putting the two device through its paces. Stay tuned.