This is the last part of the review of the Nokia E66. Tomorrow I say goodbye to this wonderful piece which has amazed me with its looks and performance. The E66 has definitely moved ahead of the Nseries in terms of functionality. In this last part I will tell you about the Internet and Maps functionality. The two feature which are absolutely important for the business user.

When it comes to internet, the E66 is ready to connect you to the web. Even though I have complained about the time it takes to connect to the web on a Nokia using WiFi, I will have to say one thing about the Eseries, it still works in the same way as any other Nokia, but for some reason is faster. I found connecting to the internet using WiFi to be very quick. Though I still miss the tabbed browsing functionality, I found the browser to be snappier than the browser found on my N82. (I can’t believe i said that!) The websites are rendered very quickly and the transitions used make the entire experience stress free. I wish though that the E66 had a bigger screen.

The internet experience has been superb on the E66. I would give it a good 8/10.

This is a very important feature for a business user. Imagine going somewhere and you need to know certain details, like the nearest gas station, or the nearest restaurant, better still if your boss is with you. What a chance to impress him!
The Maps application works just like you have seen it work on other Nokia GPS enabled phones. It initially takes time (20-25 minutes) to get a lock onto your co-ordinates, but thereafter A-GPS kicks in and getting a lock on is fast. It could take a little more time if you were moving. I downloaded the maps for India throught the Nokia Map Loader. I haven’t faced any problems using it. Though India is not limited to just the 4-5 cities given in the maps. I hope Nokia realises that by providing maps for a handful of cities, it hasn’t covered India.

In terms of the software, the application worked very well, without any difficulty. I would give the Maps application a solid 8.9/10.

With this comes to an end the review of the Nokia E66.
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