Taken with the E66

Taken with the E66

Continuing from where I left off, This is the fourth part of the review of Nokia E66. In this part I will concentrate on two features, Camera and Accessories.

First off, the camera,
Given the experience we have had with ‘business’ phones, sporting cameras, I expecting the E66’s camera to be a let down. I had read a lot about the E66’s camera and had fixed my mindset. I must say, the phone’s camera has been quite a revelation. I was pleasently surprised with the E66’s camera. It evoked fond memories of the N80. Well firstly, the camera application on the E66 is totally different. One will find all the usual settings in the phone. Let me list it down…
1 ) Switch to camera/video mode.
2 ) Scene Modes> Auto, User Defined, Close-up mode, Potrait, Landscape, Night, Night potrait.
3 ) Flash Mode> Automatic, On, Red-eye, Off.
4 ) Self Timer> Off, 2 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds.
5 ) Switch to Sequence mode
6 ) Colour Tone> Normal, Sepia, Black & white, Negative.
7 ) Switch to view-finder grid.
8 ) White Balance> Automatic, Sunny, Incandescent, Flourescent.
9 ) Exposure Compensation> every 3 notches from -2 to 2.

As one can see, the options are limited. A Nseries user will find a lot of the options missing. But then again, this is a business device. The E66 possesses a 3.2 megapixel sensor, with autofocus. There is no Carl Zeiss lens in case you were wondering. So how did it fair? Well it played the job of a camera pretty well. With just a single LED, the photos in low light are nothing to write about.

In the day however, it is a completely different picture. The photos clicked seemed sharper than my N82’s. But when seen properly on the computer, it is a completely different picture. The N82 also known as the ‘imaging king’ to many bloggers, shows yet again how it is way better than many others.

The E66’s photos seems to have more colour in them. I guess that while processing the pictures the phone boosts the colours. While an average person would like it, seasoned photographers, and camera users will not.

The macro mode function works very well for this phone. It delvers very good results, again spoilt a little bit only by saturation of colours. It also seemed to creater sharper images in this mode. There was a distinct sharpness vis a vis the N82’s rendering of the same subject in the macro mode.

In Landscape mode, the E66 completely lost it. On a sunny afternoon when the photo was clicked, the N82 gave a far more realistic representation, while the E66 made it seem like it was evening time. I got an orange hue in the entire picture! very bad rendering!

In Auto mode I took a photo of the sun and clouds, here there was a purple hue to the entire photo. The N82 however had no such effect, and gave superb results. I agree that comparing the N82 to the E66 is unfair, but I did not have any other camera at that time. And it is not about how big the picture is but how good is the software and hardware which processes the image.

Other things I noted was that the white colours seemed to be a little bluish. When clicking a photo in potrait mode, the picture seemed a little blurred. Now after having pointed out so many flaws why do I say that the camera was a revelation? Simple, it is a good camera, it does the job well, compare it to a Nseries phone like N82, it fails. For a business user, it won’t make a difference because this is not a camera phone but a phone which happens to have a camera. I would give the camera a 7/10. It captures details fairly well, but colour reproduction is an issue.

In terms of video recording, I haven’t played around with it. Simply because 15fps is definitely going to have jerks and breaks in between recording when compared to a phone which can record at 30fps. On a parting not the camera’s software seems be that of the N80. I remember a lot of the features were not there in that phone too. But it was trusty and reliable.

The phone came with the standard list of accessories that any smartphone comes with.
1 ) Data Cable
2 ) Charger
3 ) Memory card (Micro SD)
4 ) PC Suite (Eseries)
5 ) Headset.

The two other things it also came with, were the lanyard cable and a pouch. let me talk of these two things first. The lanyard cable was the first thing I put on the phone and removed almost instantaeously. it had a metal piece in it, which would have definitely scratched the phone. The leather bit was white in colour keeping with the overall colour of the phone. This accessory is of superior quality.

The pouch was made with leather. White in colour, it looked every bit different from the grey pouches everybody had. The white colour definitely makes a statement. The insides of this pouch were in red. The materials used a very good indeed and I am thoroughly impressed with the pouch. I wish all Nokia phones had such pouches. The white and red combination is looking much better than the grey and red combination.

Moving to the other accessories, the music output is something we have already discussed earlier, so I won’t go into it. The headset is a white one with silver plastic inserts for buttons. It makes the entire thing seem a bit out of place. The headset is comfortable in the ears and I had no problems keeping them in my ears for about an hour and a half. The rubber used to envelope the wires is good quality. What I would have liked is if, instead of the silver colour, a metal coating would have been used. The E66 is a business device and the headset does not potray the same image.

The data cable is a standard USB to Micro USB cable (CA-101). I faced no problems is using it. The same cable is used for a number of Nseries devices. The charger (AC-5E) is something that really caught my fancy. When did Nokia chargers become so small and compact? It seemed as if the chargers were a whole generation ahead of the Nseries chargers I have been using all this while and all this while I thought that my Jabra BT3030’s charger was compact. The charging with the AC-5E is quick and effortless.

I even tried using the Jabra BT 3030 with phone. Pairing was quick and effortless. I had no problems in taking calls and making any. The inclusion of AVRCP is a great thing. Though for some reason it wasn’t working properly with my headset.
Overall the E66 scores a respectable 7.8/10 with regard to accessories. The headset uses a 2.5mm plug instead of a 3.5mm, which kind of takes the ease of using other headsets away. The charger is defnitely a generation ahead.

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