I recently got my N82 phone updated through NSU and while everything else was working fine, the ‘Switch’ application seemed to be giving a problem. This past Monday I received the E66 for reviewing from WOM World and I was able to try out the application again.

For some odd reason the above mentioned application which was working fine with the earlier firmware refused to launch. When I tried to use the ‘retrieve data’ option on the E66, the phones would pair but nothing could get copied onto the phone.

I ultimately had to resort to going to Nokia Care. I hope the problem can be resolved there, if not, I have been told that the handset will have to be sent back to Nokia. I hope that it does not come to this.

This post is only to bring to the notice of Nokia that there might be a bug in the firmware. I hope someone from their end could verify it and check.

If anyone else has had a similar issue please tell me what did you do to solve the problem.

I have posted the same thing on the Nokia Discussions forum (Asia). You can respond on either places. For the conveinience of the readers I will also post the link here.