The second part of my review of the E66. In this post I will concentrate on the lighting aspect of the phone.

The E66 continues to impress me on this front. The designers and engineers have really paid a lot of attention towards the E series. The backlighting of the screen and the buttons is impeccable. To be very honest I think, I have yet to see a phone that can better it.


The backlighting of the screen is bright! I personally am using it at one notch lower since it is more than enough for me. Just goes to show that Nokia has indeed been listening to the complaints of poor screen lighting for the N82. The N82 pales in front of the E66 especially since both have the same size screens, resolution, colour output. I wish Nokia had addressed it in the recent firmware update for the N82. Overall the baclighting for the screen is even and does not hurt the eyes at all. I’m sure when one has to read something on the screen in absolute darkness he/she would not be disappointed. On this front I would rate it as 10/10. Hard to find any fault here.

Notification Light:

Why am I devoting an entire section to it you ask? Simple this feature which is present in the E series phones is largely absent in the N series. I had seen the notification light in the E50 and thought it was nifty, though dull. This phones throws any of those apprehensions straight out of the window. The notification light’s duration can be set in the phone. I don’t remember seeing that in the E50 (it might have been there). The notification light is bright and ‘flashes’ every ten seconds. Flashing is not the right word I feel, as it does not flash like the N80’s light would, it is very much like the Macbook’s white standby light. Very good Nokia. Also, If you see the pad closely when the light flashes, you will find dots surrounding the inside of the D pad, this gives the E66 a real sci-fi look. Again I will give it a 10/10.

Keypad Lighting:

The backlighting for the buttons is in white which according to me is perfect for this kind of handset. Any other colour would have just spoilt the look. The keypad lighting is in one word ‘perfect’. All the keys are higlighted equally and are very legible in pitch darkness. I doubt anybody having a problem typing or accessing a function in the night or in complete darkness. The keys on the top half(screen part) are brightly lit, thus allowing one to clearly see what he/she is pressing. As for the keypad, there is nothing which goes against it. Another factor that makes reading the keys easy is the fact that they are big and the alphabets and numbers are clear. In pitch darkness I had absolutely no problems typing messages or navigating through the UI. I don’t foresee anybody comlaining about reduced speeds in typing in complete darkness. One thing which I liked a lot, was that the area surrounding the keypad (numbers) was also lit (just like ambient lighting), this thoughtful addition goes a long way in providing comfort of usage. I don’t know if the same holds true for the grey handset. Again, here it scores a perfect 10/10.

When it comes to lighting aspect, the developers of this phones have outdone themselves. Good job guys!If the development of the E series continues like this, it won’t be long when people start prefering it over the N series. I feel the N series team needs to take long and hard look at the E series phones.

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