Hello people!!! 🙂 As you can probably make out from the first few words, I’m excited because the E66 has finally arrived at my place (Thanks WOM World!). Let me give you the first impressions…

The phone looks way better in reality than in pictures. I guess something are better off real than clicked! The phone is slick and sleek. I was comparing it with a Motorola L9 in terms of size. You will be surprised, the L9 is roughly of the same dimensions as the E66. Just goes to show that Nokia is capable of producing ‘slim’ phones (as if you did not know that, already).

I have played around with the grey E71 a bit. Compared to that, the E66 in white is way better. Though the convienence of having a QWERTY keypad is something that makes the E71 a winner.

The quality for a phone like this is awesome! When placed along side the N82, the E66 made me feel as if I have been playing with a kiddie phone. No offence to N series users, but the E series is using materials of way better quality. I am tempted to not return the piece back to WOM World! (please, oh please couldn’t you give one off in charity, to me! :P).

I shall be posting in depth reviews of the handset as the days go by! Keep checking it out!