A greener Nokia

A greener Nokia

I just received an email from WOMworld informing me that my trial device was on its way. But thats not why I am writing this post. Very few people are aware of what Nokia is doing for a greener world. Until now, I was one of those. But this one email telling me about the little extras they were sending along with the phone, made me explore  a different facet of Nokia altogether.

Everyone is aware of the Nokia 3110 Evolve. It was a phone that was greener than most other phones. With approx. 50% of plastic used being made of renewable materials. A big step forward in the usage and adoption of bioplastic! But is that all?
Certainly not!, unknown to us the Finnish giant is quietly working on making its handsets greener. Infact, Nokia says that today 65-80% of the materials used in its phones can be recycled depending upon the handset, here is the link that says so. This means that we are not only using phones with bigger pixels and more features but we are using greeN and greenEr phones (in case you did not get it, I was referring to the N and E series).

Thats not all. If you think that it ends here, then let me tell you there is more, a lot more. One can download a software ‘we:offset’ to offset carbon dioxide emissions. This is a software I did not know existed, a freeware that we must have! I’m hoping I could get to trial it out when the E66 comes since it will be containing this freeware!

But why does Nokia not showcase this initiative more publicly? I wish I knew. Nokia should bring this green aspect in front of the people, don’t market it as a product feature. But let everyone know how green their Nokia phone is! I sure feel a lot happier knowing that my black N82 has a lot of green in it!
Come on Nokia let people know!