I’m sorry for not having any posts for the past so many days. I had thought of putting a lot of posts, but couldn’t. The reason being a hard disk failure. My Dell D510’s hard disk gave up on me for some odd reason. The hard disk developed some bad sector I guess. As a result I had to order a replacement disk. For some odd reason Dell could not service the complaint in 24 hours and caused a lot of delay. This led to me being late in the submission of a couple of assignments and inability to post new content on my blog.

I have decided to pursue this deficiency in service with Dell. I will post any update on that front here. Anyways my system is up and running now. I will be slowly posting all the things on the blog soon, so stay tuned.

Also I have a big surprise coming. I will let you know as soon as I get the details. But rest assured its something big (atleast for me!) So stay tuned on that front!