Do you remember the N95 8GB??? How it created a furore in the market? A 5 mega pixel camera phone with 8 GB of internal memory in black and with a bigger screen!!! I know it might not sound like earth shattering, but it did get its share of eyeballs!

I was just thinking about the N96, now that its launched and it going almost the same way as the N95 in terms of a battery and lens cover… What would Nokia do to arrest the declining of its new flagship model?

I came up with a list of options that could come up in an alternate N96
1. Lens cover.
2. Bigger battery.
3. New colour. (possibly expanding on ‘express on’ covers concept complete with the theme aspect as well)
4. AM-OLED screen with VGA resolution and 3 inch screen.
5. Internal storage capacity bumped to 24GB. Micro sd card support separate.
6. Multiple colour backlight for keypad.
7. Wi-Max.
8. Xenon flash.
9. HDTV compatibility (HDMI plug???)
10. Micro-usb charging.
11. Recording in DivX format and also at 120 fps.
12. Dolby Stereo surround sound.

The list is probably endless.. but what else do you think would be added into the new N96 or maybe even a future Nokia N series model?
Please leave your comments below! Thanks.