Its official, N85 and N79 which until now existed only as mythical creatures in some dark cave(R&D lab) are out! Yes! these are real creatures, they exist!

First up the N85, It is a dual slider, which by the way is patented by Nokia. So all you N95 users will feel at home. A 5 mega pixel camera with dual flash (probably the only thing bad about the phone), gaming buttons for Ngage and large 2.6 inch screen complete the profile. You can always see the specs here. One of the most interesting things is the screen. It is using an OLED screen which means low power consumption. The battery is a mind-boggling 1200mAh (thats huge for a Nokia).

Next we have the N79, A candy bar and supposedly a successor to the N78 (what its that old already???). A candy bar shape, with rather unique keyboard design, one that is different from the current design for N series. its nice but kind of reminds me of the Nokia 1200 keypad in terms of looks.
This phone also boasts of having ‘express on’ covers. With the phone’s themes changing to support the colour of the panel! Fancy a green and white n series anyone? and a red and white tomorrow? Well now you can! More info about the specs can be found here

In case you do want to read a lot more than just the specs, I suggest you head on over to GSM Arena. A whole article on the two phones can be found here.