Hello there, From today onwards my posts will be sparse and random. This purely because I’m not a full time blogger and also because my 4th trimester has begun. This means I will not be having as much time on my hands as I would have liked to. Rest assured I will not let this site die down.

Anyways moving towards the topic. Have you used Nokia Maps? Its a great piece of software, You could even call it a innovation of the decade, ‘A phone that gives you directions!’ As great a software it is, I seem to have this little issue. Its quite simple actually and not one that requires huge changes.

Whenever I seem to use Maps for a long period of time, the screen or rather the phone goes into ‘power saver’ mode and this really bugs me. Imagine the situation, A person is driving and he is using Maps, imagine having to click every few minutes or seconds so that the phone does not go into ‘power saver’ mode. Is the driver supposed to click the phone or pay attention to the road!

It would be nice to have a little option which would bypass the ‘power saver’ mode if the user so wishes!

What do you think?

Update: See Comments!