Dotsisx on the website symbian-guru, has an interesting piece of information regarding Ngage. The Ngage feedback forum is up and running. Now quite a few of us have experienced the new Ngage, be it with the demo games or full versions. After our brush with the platform, many of us must have had questions and suggestions. Well here is your chance to put it across to the Ngage developers. You can go to the Ngage Feedback Forum and put across your views. A thing to note here is that one has to register in order to comment. Relax! no lengthy forms to be filled, it hardly takes 45 seconds.

Now a few things that have come to my mind with regard to Ngage. When I first went through the article by Dotsisx I was compelled to put my views across. You can view them here. As you might have seen, it is relating to the prices of Ngage games and about the buying procedure. Honestly, Nokia’s people on top have given little thought on how to make these games and the platform more accessible to the consumer. A company that does not understand its customers will lose them to its competitors. Nokia seems to be on the same path.

Pricing needs to be more realistic and keeping in mind the country and its economics. Do something to stop the piracy of the games. More piracy means less revenue to the company, which means high prices for the person who wants an original version. Updates and bug fixes should be distributed free of cost to the users (those who have the game on their devices) and not charged extra. There is a whole list of things that should be. But I’d rather stop here. Please go to the Ngage Feedback Forum and voice your opinion. You have a chance at improving something to your expectations. Go Comment!