I just saw “The Dark knight” today, and i must say it is good! the special effects and most importantly the storyline. Kudos to you Christopher Nolan! Bravo!

If you remember the part where Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) walks into the Hong Kong office of Lau (Chin Han) he is forced to surrender his phone. Well that phone coincidentally happens to be the unreleased Tube! (Congratulations Nokia for an ingenious product placement strategy) But I’m sure we all know that now. What it does is more exciting emitting high frequency pulses allowing you to see what is in the room, “like a sonar“-Bruce Wayne.
Fancy having that kind of technology in your cell phone. I wonder, how do you think it would help us?
For instance, A person would not require lights to see in darkness.
What applications can you think of?

Also what other zany things can you come up with?