Most of the heavy and even the average users might have have at some point or the other felt the need for a pouch which could snugly carry all the bells and whistles our smartphones come with these days!
Imagine how long the list is:-
1. Data Cable
2. Charger
3. Handsfree/Wired headset
4. Card Reader
5. Bluetooth headset(if you use one)
6. Bluetooth Charger
7. Spare memory cards.
8. A cloth in case you hate seeing fingerprints on your phone
9. A spare battery (in case you have two of them)
10. TV out cable

Now that is a long list! How is anybody supposed to carry them? I have a pouch in which I carry them to my office and my class (Heavens know when I would require them!) but it is too big. I am now on the look out for a pouch or even a small bag that could allow me to keep all this paraphernalia in one place without looking awkward to anybody! I shall definitely let you know when I find such a product.

Don’t you feel something like this would be of great utility to all of us. We could have all these things kept in one place, and it would all be portable and not be all tangled up!

Nokia takes so much care by providing us with a exercise accessory and even pouches for our phone’s protection, Would it not be good if the same was done for our phone accessories!

Update: Rita El Khoury (Dotsisx) has informed me that Proporta has such a thing (see comments!)
Thanks Rita!