On the 21st of July, Airtel finally got its services up and running properly in Pune. After days of its executives playing hide and seek when it came to giving a definitive date, it has managed to get back to business.

Vodafone had accommodated Airtel (Mumbai) customers in Mumbai. But no such provisions were made for users in Pune. There were at best spurts of service available, which was at best unreliable. Airtel has in no way provided any compensation to its subscribers for such a mishap.

some questions still remain unanswered.
1. Why is there no provision for a back up server? Is Airtel so stupid to not have back up servers?
2. What is the government doing about it?
3. What are the chances of such disruptions in the future?
4. Are other network operators prepared for such an eventuality?

The worst part about this incident is that this incident received hardly any media coverage. (the media is otherwise so nosy!) Did the Airtel people pay off the media into not reporting this news?

Also why were Pune subscribers given a raw deal? Shouldn’t we also get compensation. It is not our fault that a fire occurred, neither is it the company’s, but, where they are at fault is for not providing uninterrupted services, which it is bound to provide.

The TRAI and DoT, have they taken exception to this lapse? or are they still sleeping?

I think ‘number portability’ should be implemented asap. Its high time the government wake up and implement it. Why should I, a consumer suffer. And incidents like this makes it all the more necessary for a consumer to have number portability. After all then the service providers (operators) will understand how truly world class their services are in the real world!
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