As I had written earlier that I own a N82. Well I’d like to change that bit just a little bit. I do own a N82, its just a different colour now, black.
The earlier N82 was 3 months old and a beaten up phone considering how it looked. The phone was good, but visually it looked as it had just gone to Iraq and come back. Anyways, yesterday, I had gone to my contact’s shop and he showed me a spanking new N82 in black used only for 15days (yes there are people in this part of the world who use phones for just that much time only). I saw the box, the phone was manufactured in May. So no lie there! The phone looked so awesome, not a scratch on it, it had all the stickers to protect it from scratches…. ooohh it was a black beauty! I picked it up instantly. and gave him the old N82 back in exchange.

First Impressions:
let me put it down as points…
1. The black N82 somehow looks different, one look at the warm titanium/white one and you will feel as if this (black) one has been on a diet. I kept on touching the keypad area to confirm whether it was all metal or plastic (its all metal). Everything on the black N82 looked sharper and less rounded compared to the standard(warm titanium) N82. Its only an illusion though. everything is the same. A colour change can do so much, don’t you think so?
2. The speakers on this Black N82 are loud! Now I am sure the people at Espoo have made some modifications. Here is why I am saying that… Last November when the N82 was just launched I heard someone comparing his N82 to a Nokia 6233. Among the things compared was the sound. The 6233 was loud compared to the N82 which put up a bad show. My standard N82 after a software update also did not sound loud enough. Then about a couple of days back while I was talking to a friend, he told me he had recently purchased a black N82, and it was loud!. I wrote it off. But yesterday when I was tinkering I realized that it is pretty damn loud! It sounded twice as loud as my earlier N82.
3. Black is a fingerprint magnet! The one thing I disliked about the black piece is that it catches fingerprints a lot easily than the standard N82. While the standard piece also catches fingerprints, it is hardly visible.
4. My overall thoughts… I like the black piece, but I think the warm titanium colour combination is way better.

What do you people think? Put your comments down and let me know!
P.S. has also got an article about the black and warm titanium colour options. You can read it here