I first started using phone way back in 2002. It was a LG RD2030. From that I upgraded to a Nokia 3310. Finally in 2006 I switched to the N series. N70 was my first phone of sorts. 13 months into the phone I sold it and bought myself a second hand N80. That phone changed a lot of things. I had a phone with wifi, a novelty considering the next batch of wifi enabled phones were very expensive (N93) and the the N95 perhaps existed only in some hidden underground facility of Nokia. I resisted changing the N80 for many reasons…
1. It was a unique phone, noone i knew had one. infact the chances of catching somebody using it was remote.
2. It had wifi for pete’s sake!
3. There were more apps available for it.
4. The screen was way better than most phones, infact i’m sure its even better than a N95 8Gb screen.
5. At times it felt like a real compact phone (slider) I know its thick compared to sliders today. But it just fit in my hand when not sliding out.
6. a 3.2 mega pixel camera. The first Nokia to have one!

Also apart from the Nokia N73 there was no other phone which was quite as exciting. N95 being too expensive for me. Then the 8Gb version came out and also the E90. Both of them way too expensive for me to buy. I’d have to sell my bike to get hold of either one. No ways I’m doing that.
Finally the N82 was launched. This phone really caught my fancy. It excelled everywhere the N95 showed flaws.

The N82 had more compact dimensions, xenon flash, larger battery, RAM, etc. It was also priced closer to reality. Oh and theoretically it has more memory than a N95 8Gb and an iPhone combined, due to the micro sd card support. I hear that the N82 should support the 16Gb micro SDHC easily. Awww!!! you poor iPhone users…

I started saving up for the phone. Finally on the 26th June I sold my beloved N80. (Goodbye old friend, I really had some great times with you. you really helped me and served me well, may the your current user realize how good a phone you are.) I now am using a N82 (second hand again!)

But i did manage to get a 3 month old phone, thus getting warranty on it. I also bought a 4Gb micro SDHC. upping the total memory available to 6Gb (2Gb comes with the phone anyways). I also picked up a spanking new Jabra bluetooth accessory ‘BT3030’. it is a stereo bluetooth device. A real hip looking device. I shall be posting review of this device in the weeks to come.

As you can see, I have really done a lot with Nokia phones, especially the N series. And I don’t intend to stop just here!!! I hope the right people are listening!!!